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Fun in the Sun Chess Camps, Summer 2020!

     West Chess is offering Chess Camps again this summer! This is an all day camp that runs from 9-5 Monday-Friday. Our program is taught by National Master William Harrison and focuses on fun chess learning activities. The activities will cover subjects that we can't cover in chess club due to time constraints. These camps will be a wonderful opportunity for your students to excel in his/her chess skill while having Guaranteed FUN! Each student will experience 3-4 learning activities and 3-4 non-chess outdoor activities. Games will include dodgeball, waterbaloon toss, kickball, Super Soaker Fights (water gun provided) board games and many other activities. Each day points will be awarded and prizes will be given based upon points. All teams will be set up to give each child a good chance at fun and success. 

     All students will have an opportunity to learn one specialized chess skill during the camp. We will study openings, midgames and endgames, with an emphasis on concepts - not rote learning. We will play chess variants such as Take Me, Speed Chess and BugHouse. There will be a championship tournament with CASH PRIZES ( $20 for first, $15 for second and a grade level award for younger children of $5) awarded each week of camp,.

     Lunch schedule is as follows: Monday Pizza; Tuesday tacos; Wednesday build your own sandwich and chips; Thursday Burger day; Friday, Choice Day. Beverages included are juice boxes and soda. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle. If your child does not care for the menu item on any day, you may send them with a lunch from home. The cost of the camp is $250 if paid before May 1; $270 from May 1 - May 31; $290 on or after June 1. Please note that all registration fees are non refundable due to limited class size.

     Pay using the Square link after submitting the form on, our website. An after school snack and all equipment will be provided. Please make your payment to West Chess. Registration fees are not refundable. If you have any questions, please call William at (612) 306-5560 or email me:

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Step 2: Pay

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